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Animated video is an incredibly versatile media type – as you don’t need to hire actors or find real locations (like you do with live action video) your imagination is the only limit. You can create the perfect characters, scenery and graphics to tell your story, your way. Animated videos are suitable for a wide range of use cases; from explaining a product, service or concept, through to customer on-boarding, training your team and more. The best animated videos combine vibrant colour, dynamic movement and short, snappy messaging – wrapped up and packaged into a format that’s proven to engage, inform, entertain and persuade viewers.


We can help you every step of the way, from concept to delivery and because we're passionate growth entrepreneurs, we'll do it at a price that will keep you coming back for more. The idea is, when you grow...we grow. GOOD TIMES!

GET IN TOUCH... is an innovative creative agency with expertise in video, animation & social engagement. We specialise in understanding digital marketing and offer clients end-to- end service to develop and deliver a solid future proof digital marketing strategy.


To engage your target market - wherever they are.

Communicate your message

Create a beautiful user experience

Celebrate Video & Multi Media

Provide return on investment

To harness the power of social media it is vital to ensure that a clear and relevant strategy is implemented from conception to completion

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