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MediaGuru helps future proof for life!

have you planned you funeral? i know it this wasn't anywhere near the top on my to do list until we started working with our fab new client

they are experts in helping people not only perpare the send off they would like in every detail, from the coffin to the flowers, the music and even dress code. They most importantly help clients to plan financially, offering a range of pre-paid funeral plans to help people spread the cost and take any financial burden off loved ones when the time comes.

As a digital marketing agency, we hadn't planned to think about this sort of stuff, but its quite interesting when you do. Have you got a favourite song you'd like played at a ceremony. would you like a personalise video?

We have been giving quite some thought as to how we can use our creative skills to help people create lasting memories for their loved ones. personalised memory movies. if this is something you think is a good idea, get in touch today

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